The perfect destination for an international wedding in 2020

Today, more and more people choose to travel ,to explore the world, find the right job, or just learn a little more about themselves. It is not uncommon for them to find something even more valuable somewhere out there – the loved one they want to bond their lives forever. This is further proof that love is stronger than all the differences and barriers that may exist.

When they decide to formally marry, these couples face the great challenge of organizing an international wedding. We call it a challenge because it requires precise planning, and in most cases from a distance. An appropriate wedding agency would certainly facilitate this process greatly. Trust professionals who have experience with this type of event and offer English-language communication. This way, both partners will be able to actively participate in the organization of the dream wedding day.

Some couples choose to do two separate wedding ceremonies -one in Bulgaria and one in the country where they live. Others prefer to make just one wedding and combine different traditions. In this way, they have the opportunity to perform all the rituals, as well as to celebrate with their relatives and friends. Last but not least, this is a great occasion for each of them to get acquainted with the culture and traditions of their partner.

If you are also planning to organize an international wedding in Bulgaria, you probably have already started exploring the different options. But before you think of details like choosing the right DJ or dream decor, you first need to make a very important decision – where the event will take place. The destination is essential for both the organization and the overall experience and convenience of your guests.

In Bulgaria you will undoubtedly find many beautiful places that will turn the wedding ceremony into a true fairy tale. However, we advise you to look for a destination that offers authentic atmosphere, suitable hotels, interesting sights that your guests can explore, entertainment, convenient transportation to and from the airport. By all these criteria, Plovdiv is the perfect choice for your wedding day. The city under the hills offers a great combination of the traditional and the modern. Foreign guests will be able to get familiar with the Bulgarian culture, traditions and history. Also, there is no shortage of fun and beautiful places to go for a walk. We guarantee you that they will be impressed and they will tell stories about their experiences here for a long time.

As for the wedding itself, most couples usually choose an outside ritual instead of a ceremony in a ritual hall. There are many interesting places in Plovdiv that will turn your wedding day into an even more magical and unforgettable experience. Here are some suggestions:

The first of these is the Ancient Theater – an emblematic symbol of the City under the hills. It is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Plovdiv – the Old Town. The ancient theater will enchant you with its beauty and will transport you and your guests back in time. An added bonus is the ability to take original wedding photos to capture this magical day.

In the Old Town there is another wonderful place for a wedding ceremony – Balabanov House. It is one of the most remarkable buildings that has preserved the authenticity and spirit of the Bulgarian National Revival. We recommend it to anyone who wants to impress their guests but at the same time show them more about our traditions and history.

The Roman Stadium is also on the list of preferred wedding venues. It is located in the center of Plovdiv and is located near the Old Town. Offers great surroundings and plenty of space if you plan on sharing this unforgettable day with many family and friends.

The small basilica is the newest jewel of Plovdiv, where you can perform the ritual. It will impress you with the authentic ambience and glass floor beneath the incredibly beautiful early Christian mosaics. It offers plenty of light and space and is a great choice for a wedding ceremony.

Once you’ve made that choice, it’s time to think of a restaurant where your guests enjoy delicious food and fun. Your wedding agent will help you find the right place, take care of the décor and prepare an interesting program for the celebration. Often couples choose a program with folklore elements to represent the Bulgarian cultural heritage and customs. It is especially impressive for foreign guests. Of course, you can choose a modern program that also guarantees the good mood of all present.

As you can tell, Plovdiv really offers everything you need for a unique wedding celebration to mark the beginning of a long and happy life together with your loved one.

Marina Wedding has many years of experience in the organization of international weddings. We know how important it is for the two partners to be involved together in the preparation process, so we offer a complete organization in English. We will help you with everything you need to make your wedding day a special and unforgettable memory.