Marina Wedding Wedding Agency specializes in the overall organization of events - wedding ceremonies, international weddings, anniversaries, children's birthdays, corporate parties, christenings.

We know that your special day is a time to spend with your loved ones and create fond memories together. So forget about the concerns about the organization and entrust them to us.

We will help you plan and arrange every important detail to make your holiday look just like you always imagined it to be. Together, we will choose the perfect venue, a team of proven professionals to take care of your guests’ mood, fabulous decoration, spectacular light show and spectacular fireworks for the final.

We guarantee a correct attitude, precision and high quality of our services.

Marina Andonova – Manager of Marina Wedding Agency, Marina has more than 8 years of professional experience in organizing events – weddings, birthdays, corporate parties and more. She has created the Marina Wedding agency to turn your special occasion into an unforgettable moment, refined to the smallest detail. She is extremely precise and correct in her work.

She has excellent organizational skills and applies an individual approach to each client. Marina will help you plan your special day according to your expectations and wishes. She loves to create beautiful things and to dream. So it’s no surprise that her biggest passion is the decor.

Over the years, she has created many glamorous decors with stunning designs and inimitable style that create mood and a festive atmosphere. Marina is well aware that everyone has a different idea of what their celebration may look like – lush and glamorous or simple in a close family circle. Whatever your wishes, she works hard to make them a reality.

The biggest reward for her is to see her customers happy and satisfied on their celebration day! Trust Marina and her talented team to recreate your dream!

We deeply believe that love knows no language barriers, so we offer a complete wedding organization in English. Our young and dynamic team is ready to take on any challenge and turn your event into a perfectly organized fabulous experience that will always have a special place in your heart. We will create the dream decoration that will contribute to the beauty and magical atmosphere of the holiday.

Give freedom to your imagination and we will ensure a flawless execution. Whatever your wishes, ideas and budget, Marina Wedding will make them a beautiful reality. Imagine your dream day and we will organize it!

We make dreams come true!
Every detail matters to your dreams!


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